A Trip of Experience

I began blogging around the month of September and honestly I had no idea what to write about. Is this topic really interesting enough to be posted on the internet? I initially started blogging about a video game content, but charitable didn’t seem very enticing to me. Something needed to happen. That’s when I started to blog about very distinct characteristics that make the person who I am. I once felt as though as I had sunk into my own void and could never reach sanity again. Once an individual has understood their own flaws, once that person reaches the epitome of universal knowledge then only and only then can they expose themselves to human virtue.

I knew I wasn’t the only person in this hell of a world to have felt deepest guilt and failures. We’re equally indifferent and yet similar. In order to feel greatest happiness, one has to stoop to the deepest despair. This is why I chose to blog, this is why I chose to blog. People need realization. As there is evil in this world, People need to be brought back to the goodness of this life.

But I’m not an expert; my answers aren’t valid. I don’t cite any evidence to my answers anywhere in my blogs. The real answers come from within. Going back to the point that we’re all different, my answers are from all from me. A problem does not have simply just one answer, there are multiple variables and decisions to be established. We aren’t linear, we’re human.

I hope humanity can understand the concept human life and reform itself. But sometimes we have to understand that even with all this discrimination, war and hatred there are still greatness. We aren’t always given the perfect moment in life. But we have a choice to take that moment and perfect it to our greatest ability. We aren’t perfect nor will we ever will be. This is something that we all must comply to. My journey through this year has been emphasized on the pursuit of perfection through content, grades, and expectations. I think blogging has not only been a series of sharing my thoughts, but it allows me to learn more of the person that I am.


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